Agency Partners

Digital marketing industry leaders choose Revvim for innovative solutions that enhance client success and growth. Our cutting-edge technology and expert support ensure agencies can deliver outstanding results. 

Benefits for Agencies

Reduce cost as you scale

With AdAi’s tiered pricing model, agencies enjoy lower fees for greater reclaimed ad spend. As you add more clients and increase reclaimed spend, your agency pays less for AdAi.

Client test drive

Is AdAi a good fit for a particular client? Find out for sure using AdAi’s Passive Learning mode to virtually enable AdAi and preview the results without affecting your client’s ad campaigns. By leveraging this feature, your agency can showcase potential cost savings to clients, demonstrating the value and proceeding with confidence.

Referral and Reseller Program

Agencies can generate new revenue streams by joining Revvim’s referral and reseller program. This partnership unlocks the potential to sell additional services, enhance service offerings and increase overall revenue. With AdAi, agencies improve their client acquisition strategy and expand their business opportunities.


Our partners gain access to the latest technology and innovative solutions, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition, deliver superior services, and reduce client churn.


We provide dedicated support to our partners, ensuring they have the resources and assistance they need to succeed.


By leveraging our patented technologies, agencies can maximize client ad budgets, driving substantial growth.

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