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Leading digital marketing agencies trust Revvim to provide solutions that drive success and growth for their clients.

Over 5 Billion in annual ad spend across 64 countries

Revvim’s patented AI-powered tools help marketers optimize ad spend by analyzing data, detecting patterns, and dynamically modifying ad placements. With real-time insights, Revvim seamlessly integrates with your business to drive growth and increase your bottom line.

Dynamic, Competitor-Aware Ads

Wish your ads got more clicks? With reACT, your ads become aware of which competitors and ad copy they are up against and adjust dynamically to show your perfect response.

reACT delivers more clicks and conversions (with competitor-specific landing pages) at a lower cost – ideal for aggressive marketers that know how to position themselves against their competitors.

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Advanced Fraud Protection for Google Ads

Rogue affiliates or out-and-out fraudsters ruining your day? FraudAi will bring back your good mood by catching even low-frequency fraud with our unique, patent-pending Stop-and-Catch™ capability. FraudAi leverages the power of the patented AdAi technology stack to provide protection that no other fraud solution can – ideal for large enterprises with serious fraud protection needs. FraudAi can even catch low-frequency ad hijacking (where a fraudulent advertiser runs ads that appear to be your own).