The Ultimate Solution to Brand Incrementality

How it works

Every large enterprise needs to protect their brand from competitors trying to steal their customers, and yet no one wants to pay for unnecessary search ads that don’t add incremental value. That’s why we built Revvim AdAi – the ultimate answer to the brand incrementality question!

*Real AdAi customer results

Real-time + fully automated

AdAi is a patented, real-time, fully automated system that allows you to:


Fully defend your brand at a fraction of the usual cost


Drive growth with reclaimed ad spend that previously provided little incremental value


Massively increase ROI and scale across all of search

How it works

AdAi identifies your cannibalistic ads – when your own Google search ad pushes down your #1 organic listing with no competitor ad present – and prevents those ads from showing, allowing your #1 organic listings to take the click without needlessly consuming your ad budget.

When unpredicted changes occur to the SERP, AdAi’s average response time is 8 minutes and 45 seconds for high-volume search terms and 35 minutes for low-volume search terms.

While most teams run AdAi across their entire Google Ads account, it is fully configurable and can be allocated to run only on specific campaigns, geolocations, devices, or even individual search terms if needed. AdAi is used in countries around the globe in numerous languages and currencies.

Furthermore, in place of sending traffic to your #1 organic listing, AdAi can optionally be configured to send traffic to an alternate set of ads that cost only $0.01 per click (or the minimum bid in your local currency) and can even have ad copy intended for times when competitors are not present.

AdAi is fully compatible with Performance Max, Dynamic Search Ads, Shopping Ads, SA360, and all Smart Bidding bid strategies. It works seamlessly alongside any team using any technology without any interference whatsoever.


Dramatically reduce branded search spend

AdAi reduces unnecessary branded search spend without any negative impact to the business.

On average, teams see an 11% increase in holistic search revenue as a result of reinvesting the savings that AdAi provides into incremental growth.

Simple, transparent pricing

Revvim offers transparent, no-haggle pricing, with a tiered fee schedule based entirely on AdAi’s reclaimed spend each calendar month. There is no setup cost, no retainer, and no hidden fees. AdAi is purely, 100% pay-for-performance. If AdAi can’t save you money in a given month, you don’t pay anything.

As a result, AdAi is a budget creation tool. You will always get at least 4x more budget from AdAi than what it costs. Of course, what you do with that new budget is up to you – most teams spend it on growth!

Reclaimed Spend/Mo. From To AdAi Fee
First $10k $0.01 $10,000.00 25%
Next $90k $10,000.01 $100,000.00 20%
Next $900k $100,000.01 $1,000,000.00 15%
Above $1MM $1,000,000.01 10%

Getting started

Revvim offers a 100% risk-free 30-day trial of AdAi, so you can experience the technology and gain valuable insights on how much you could be reclaiming without any obligation to pay us a dime. This allows your team to get the hard data, so you can make a data-driven decision as to whether or not this cutting edge AI tech is a good fit for you.

Testing AdAi is incredibly simple. All we need is:

  • An MNDA to protect everyone’s data (we’re happy to use yours)
  • Access to Google Search Console and Google Ads (Standard permissions)
  • Optional access to Analytics (typically Google or Adobe), so that we can report on what’s important to you

If for any reason during the 30-day trial you decide AdAi is not a fit, we simply stop the trial – there’s no cost to you.

If you decide to continue using AdAi after the trial, as roughly 94% of teams that go to trial do, we do bill for the trial period, which by definition will be for a small portion of what you will already have saved.

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