Dynamic, Competitor-Aware Ads

How it works
What if you could dynamically swap your Google search ads based on which competitors are currently in the auction and which ad copy they are using? With Revvim reACT, now you can!

You set the rules, reACT turns them into reality

reACT is a patent-pending, real-time, fully automated system that dynamically swaps which of your Google search ads are active based on which competitor ads you are up against


Choose which ads show for certain competitors


reACT actively monitors SERPs for competitor ads


Your reactive ads are activated while competitor ads are present

How it works

reACT constantly monitors the Google SERP for each of your most important search terms, comparing any competitor ads that are present against a set of rules that you define. Based on those rules it then sets which of your ads are active or disabled, ensuring your best ads for each competitor run whenever that competitor is present.
For example, you may know that your offering is less expensive than Competitor A, so whenever Competitor A is present, reACT would run your ad highlighting your low price. At the same time, you may know that your offering is higher quality than Competitor B, so whenever Competitor B is present, reACT would run your ad highlighting your quality. You can even have rules designed to run specific, uniquely reactive ads when two or more competitors are present.

Next level click-thru performance

Better, more relevant ad copy yields a higher click-thru rate (CTR). By countering and overcoming your competitor’s messaging on the SERP, you increase your chances of winning the click and the customer.

Furthermore, CTR is the most important signal used by Google to calculate your ad’s Quality Score. A higher CTR will yield a higher Quality Score, which means your ads will show higher on the page and your cost per click (CPC) will drop. One study found that increasing CTR by 20% yielded a 5% drop in CPC. So, using reACT to serve better ad copy that targets specific competitors can lead to more clicks and customers at a lower CPC.

Finally, if you pair your competitor-specific ad copy with a competitor-specific landing page, you can increase your Conversion Rate (CR) as well. A good competitor-specific landing page will present the visitor with a brief analysis of the benefits of your offering over that of your competitor, for example by using a competitive matrix. All in all, reACT gives savvy marketers the potential to drive more clicks and customers at a low cost.

Simple, transparent pricing

Revvim offers transparent, no-haggle pricing, with a tiered fee schedule based entirely on the amount of money you spend each calendar month on only those Ad Groups that are actively using reACT (“Reactive Spend”). There is no setup cost, no retainer, and no hidden fees.

Reactive Spend/Mo. From To reACT Fee
First $10k $0.01 $10,000.00 5%
Next $90k $10,000.01 $100,000.00 4%
Next $900k $100,000.01 $1,000,000.00 3%
Above $1MM $1,000,000.01 2%
Studies have found that getting just a 20% increase in CTR yields a 5% drop in CPC. Thus, by serving the right competitor-specific ad copy, reACT can pay for itself while driving more conversions at a lower cost.

Getting started

Revvim offers a 100% risk-free, 30-day trial of reACT, so you can get full use of the technology without any obligation to pay us a dime. This allows your team to get the data, so you can make a data-driven decision as to whether or not this cool, new reactive technology is a good fit for you.

Testing reACT is incredibly simple. All we need is:

  1. An MNDA to protect everyone’s data (we’re happy to use yours!)
  2. Access to Google Search Console and Google Ads (Standard permissions)
  3. Optional access to Analytics (typically Google or Adobe), so we can report on what’s important to you

Note that teams using AdAi will have everything they need already in place!

If for any reason during the 30-day trial you decide reACT is not a fit, we simply stop the trial – there’s no cost to you.

If you decide to continue using reACT after the trial, we do bill for the trial period.

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