Our leadership team is a seasoned group of digital marketing and SEO veterans. Their collective expertise and strategic vision propel our company forward, ensuring innovative and effective solutions that define success in the digital landscape.

Matt LeBaron

Founder and CEO

Stan Mckee

Board Member

Duane Forrester


Matt LeBaron - Founder and CEO

Revvim’s Founder and CEO, Matt LeBaron, started his career in technology in 1997 working for an Internet startup called CatalogCity.com, which eventually became SHOP.COM. He literally started out in the mailroom, overseeing the receipt and scanning of tens of thousands of paper catalogs, which the CatalogCity Production Team put online and enabled for ecommerce.

From there, Matt became a Database Administrator and within a few years Director of Database Operations, overseeing a team of database architects, engineers, and administrators working at some of the largest scales seen in Internet retailing at the time. He was part of the team that built what may have been the first multi-vendor shopping cart, which Amazon invested in to gain inspiration for its own multi-vendor experience, at the time called zShops, which laid the foundation for Amazon to be able to sell items from other merchants through the Amazon store.

In 2004, Matt moved from Engineering to Marketing, becoming the first Head of Customer Acquisition for the newly acquired Shop.com domain. Applying his engineering background, Matt started by uploading six million keywords from CatalogCity’s own search logs to Google Ads. On the first day, when Matt asked his boss Lee Lorenzen how Lee wanted the bids to be managed, Lee responded “set everything to $0.25 and let’s see what happens”. Twenty-four hours and a few tens of thousands of dollars later, Lee said “now let’s set everything to $0.50”. On the third day, with 48 hours of learnings, Matt began writing his first automated bidding algorithm, which SHOP.COM ultimately pursued a patent on.

In 2007 Matt left SHOP.COM and founded a digital marketing consultancy called New Day Consulting, which thrived but didn’t offer the scalability or satisfaction that technology promised.

In 2011 Matt founded Revvim with a small cadre of friends and colleagues, many former engineers from SHOP.COM. The company was bootstrapped, using excess funds generated by consulting revenues to pay engineers to build tools that Matt prototyped. Initially these tools were focused on the SEO side of search marketing and delivered modest success, but in 2020 the Revvim team built and patented AdAi, which achieved significant adoption, with over USD$5B in annual Google Ads spend onboarded onto the platform in the first two years.

Matt currently runs Revvim from the small town of San Juan Bautista, California, where he enjoys hiking in the beautiful California wilderness, and spending time with his wife and kids.