Advanced Fraud Protection for Google Ads

How it works

Rogue affiliates and fraudsters can hijack your ads, running ads that look identical to your own. They deposit your customers on websites that look like yours, using the trust you’ve built in your brand to steal your customer’s information and credit cards.

Revvim FraudAi brings unique capabilities that no other service provides that can detect even the savviest rogue affiliate or ad hijacking fraudster, allowing you to put a stop to these violations once and for all.

Stop rogue affiliates and ad hijackers

FraudAi is a service that alerts you whenever rogue affiliates or fraudsters are running Google ads on terms you wish to protect, most commonly brand terms.


FraudAi monitors the Google ads landscape 24/7


Pause random ads momentarily to reveal bad actors


An automated report enables you to take action

How it works

FraudAi monitors the Google ads landscape 24/7 at a high frequency using its unique Stop-and-Catch™ capability to surface bad actors and stop them violating your brand.

Bad actors currently avoid detection by traditional fraud solutions by bidding low and allowing their ads to run infrequently. Often, these ads will only show when your own ads aren’t running due to budget constraints, low bids, or targeting nuances. Traditional fraud detection doesn’t monitor frequently enough or at the right time or place to catch this behavior.

Revvim FraudAi’s Stop-and-Catch™ method overcomes this limitation by pausing your ads for a single search term for a very short period of time – as little as one minute per day – and using that brief moment to catch and identify those bad actors that surface on that search term. This momentary pause is different for each search term and randomized each day so that bad actors can’t anticipate it and schedule around it. This allows you to catch and stop bad actors with no meaningful impact to your search marketing efforts.

Even better, teams using AdAi alongside FraudAi can avoid the need for even these brief pauses, as AdAi will automatically pause your ad when it is cannibalistic (i.e. when you have the #1 organic listing and no competitor ads are present).

FraudAi delivers all the data you need to stop rogue affiliates and ad hijackers in their tracks.


Stop-and-Catch™ Technology

Teams using FraudAi are finally able to stop rogue affiliates, which increases the results of their search marketing efforts and avoids unnecessary loss of margin to the business. Further, by stopping ad hijackers, teams can protect their customers and brand from the negative press associated with fraud.

Monitoring frequency correlates with how quickly a given fraudster will be identified on a given search term. Higher sampling frequencies result in fraudsters being caught more quickly.

For example, let’s say an ad hijacker starts bidding on your brand with a 4% target impression share and a low bid. This means it will take 25 samples on average during times when your ads are not running to catch them. 

Traditional fraud detection solutions likely won’t catch this ad hijacker at all, because they sample while your ad is still running.

With FraudAi’s Stop-and-Catch™ capability, sampling at an hourly rate would allow the fraudster to be caught in approximately one day (25 hours), while sampling at a daily rate would allow the fraudster to poach customers for nearly a month (25 days) before they are caught.

Of course, the number of samples and their frequency doesn’t matter if your fraud solution isn’t using Revvim’s patent-pending Stop-and-Catch™ methodology. The wrong samples produce the wrong results.

Simple, transparent pricing

Revvim offers transparent, no-haggle pricing, with a tiered fee schedule based entirely on the number of search terms you’d like to monitor and the monitoring frequency, quantified as the number of Google SERP samples that are taken each day.
Average Daily Samples Monthly Fee (USD)
<= 240 $500
241 – 480 $1,000
481 – 960 $2,000
961 – 2,880 $4,000
2,881 – 5,760 $6,000
5,761 – 9,600 $8,000
9,601 – 28,800 $14,500
28,801 – 48,000 $20,000
48,001 – 96,000 $34,000
96,001 – 192,000 $55,000

Beyond 192,000, additional daily samples are an additional $0.25 each per month.

You can choose the frequency that best fits your business needs. If loss of customers for a few days due to fraud is acceptable, then sampling four times a day might be sufficient. If your business is worth greater diligence, then you might want sampling that is hourly or even every 15 minutes. The important thing is that the bad actors are actually caught and your brand and search marketing earnings are not diminished.

  • Scenario #1: FraudAi monitors 10 terms hourly, 240 samples per day, at a cost of $500/mo.
  • Scenario #2: FraudAi monitors 120 terms 4 times per day, 480 samples per day, at a cost of $1,000/mo.
  • Scenario #3: FraudAi monitors 960 terms daily, 960 samples per day, at a cost of $2,000/mo.

Getting started

Getting started with FraudAi is incredibly simple. All we need is:

  1. An MNDA to protect everyone’s data (we’re happy to use yours!)
  2. Access to Google Search Console and Google Ads (Standard permissions)
  3. The list of terms you’d like to protect and either
    • The list of your affiliates you want flagged OR
    • The list of competitors you want ignored

Note that FraudAi will send alerts of any advertisers on your protected terms that you’ve flagged as affiliates OR all advertisers that haven’t been flagged as legitimate competitors. After launch these lists can be adjusted as new affiliates or competitors enter the market, ensuring you only receive alerts on those advertisers that are meaningful to you.

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